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KB43862 - Certificate authentication fails for unmanaged devices (no MDM/EMM profile) with error "Missing or Invalid Certificate" after upgrading to Pulse Mobile for iOS 7.0.0

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Last Modified Date8/23/2018 3:01 PM
As described in KB43813 and KB43801, Pulse Mobile for iOS 7.0.0 and higher made a change in the underlying Apple framework resulting in the Pulse Secure App losing access to client certificates that were previously used for certificate based authentication to Pulse Connect Secure (PCS) devices. This causes cert auth to fail with error "Missing or Invalid Certificate".
Problem or Goal
As described in KB43813, depending on the deployment scenario the resolution steps vary, this article is created for the following use-case. 

After upgrading to Pulse Mobile for iOS 7.0.0, end users on un-managed iOS devices (i.e. No MDM/EMM type product used to manage VPN settings and the client certificate manually installed by end-users) are unable to connect to Pulse VPN gateway device and the following error message will appear:
Missing or Invalid Certificate
This issue occurs due to a limitation in the migration capabilities within Apple iOS from old framework to new framework when certificate authentication is involved. There was no option for Pulse Secure to migrate the certificate to the new keychain as required by the new framework. As a result end-users have to manually re-import the certificate as detailed in the solution section of this article. 

To manually import a certificate to the Pulse iOS keychain, perform the following steps:

  1. Retrieve the email with the user certificate attached and click on the certificate.
User-added image
  1. Click More to display the options for Activities
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  1. From the Activities list enable Pulse Secure
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  1. This will enable the Pulse Secure client as an available app to Share to.  Click the Pulse Secure icon to select it. 
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  1. Enter the password for the certificate. 
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  1. Confirm that the certificate was imported successfully with the following message: 
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