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KB43874 - Session end script is not being executed for WSAM/VPN tunneling

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Last Modified Date9/19/2018 4:25 AM
This article describes scenarios where session end scripts are not executed for WSAM/VPN tunneling.
Problem or Goal
A Session end script is configured for WSAM or VPN tunneling but does not run.  
  • The session end script is only triggered if the session is gracefully disconnected. 
  • If the session is forced closed, due to a reboot, for example, then the script will not be run.  
  • If Location Awareness (LA) is configured for Pulse Desktop and the connection is dropped according to the LA rule then the session end script will only execute if the session actually ends as opposed to the tunnel getting reconnected without the user having to authenticate again.  
  • Similarly, a session start script is only executed on the initial connection.  As long as the session is still valid the start script is not executed every time LA brings up the tunnel.
If scripts need to be executed whenever the tunnel is up or down irrespective of the state of the session, then another method to trigger the scripts will need to be implemented.
One possible option is to use a script that regularly checks for the availability of the VPN tunnel server IP, which by default is, if it is reachable then the tunnel is up and vice versa.  See KB22889 - What PCS configuration is required for the VPN tunneling client to obtain an IP address? for more information on how this IP address is used and how it can be configured.
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