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KB43917 - Pulse One On Premise admin Web access is not reachable on the external port after initial configuration

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Last Modified Date11/1/2018 3:32 PM
This article describes an issue with a Pulse One On-Premise device where access to the admin Web portal configured on the external port is not reachable after initial configuration.
Problem or Goal
  • During initial configuration of a A PSA7000 Pulse One On-Prem device, DHCP has automatically assigned an IP address to the external interface.
  • The Pulse One admin has manually assigned an IP address to the management port, and/or to the internal port, that is in the same subnet as the IP address that DHCP assigned to the external interface.
  • When browsing to the to the external IP address using https:// the page cannot be reached.
  • The external IP address responds to icmp requests.
  • Affects Pulse One versions 1743.1 and up.
As per the admin guide when initially configuring the Pulse One interfaces the admin is presented with the following prompt:
You can connect to SSH at [where is the DHCP assigned IP]
Press <ENTER> to log in to Pulse One

In the above example, DHCP has already assigned an IP address to the management interface of

If the other interfaces are assigned IP addresses on the same subnet as the DHCP assigned address on the management interface, then a routing issue occurs that causes the managerment interface to become unreachable.
From the CLI, disable DHCP on the management interface and statically assign an IP to this interface.

Use the command "network show" to check for DHCP assignment on the management interface as follows:
Pulse One > network show
    interface: external
    ip_address:  xx.xx.xx.xx.
   primary:  xx.xx.xx.xx
   secondary: xx.xx.xx.xx
   dhcp: false 
   enabled:  true
   ip_address:  xx.xx.xx.xx
   mac_address:  yy:yy:yy:yy:yy
   netmask: xx.xx.xx.0
   dhcp: true
   enabled: true

Statically assign an IP on the management interface, (which will disable DHCP) using the following command:
Pulse One > network interface management -i -n -g
Where -i [static assigned IP address] -n [subnet mask] -g [gateway]
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