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KB43992 - Unable to upgrade Virtual Appliance (PSA-V) to 9.0Rx and above

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Last Modified Date12/26/2018 6:45 PM
This article describes an issue where virtual appliance cannot upgrade to 9.0Rx with error message of "Unable to install the selected service package.." with last "Service Package Installation Status "Step 7: Upgrade not allowed, please contact support ... failed".
Problem or Goal
When upgrading a virtual appliance to 9.0Rx, the following error message will appear:
Unable to install the selected service package..

This error occurs due to core license is a requirement for 9.0RX and above.
To resolve this issue, please install a PSA-V core license.

After a core license is installed, the platform model remains as "VMware-VA-SPE" instead of "PSA5000-V", until the virtual appliance is upgraded to 9.0Rx, please see below examples:


Example core license installed

Platform > Model status of 8.3R3:
System Platform in 8.3 even with Core license

Platform > Model status after 9.0R3.1 upgrade:

System Platform in 9.0R3 after upgrade

  • Upgrading a VA to 9.0 could take a long time to complete so please monitor the serial console. It takes a while to encrypt the disk and then finally doing post installation, recreating data partition, extracting runtime contents of the package, creating link to 64-bit binaries, initializing RNG, and then starting the new 9.0Rx system. It is followed by importing various files and data.  
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