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KB44076 - Host Checker fails when checking Hard Drive Encryption on macOS 10.13 and above

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Last Modified Date9/15/2019 11:31 PM
This article describes an issue where Host Checker fails when Hard Drive Encryption (FileVault) check is configured for macOS 10.13 and above.
Problem or Goal
This issue occurs due to Host Checker is detecting all available partitions on macOS and reporting if any are not encrypted.  However, some partitions do not support encryption.
Starting in 9.1R1 and 9.0R4 release, Host Checker will report only partitions that support encryption and ignore all other partitions.

If upgrade is not possible, configure Host Checker to detect a specific volume.
  1. Login to admin web interface
  2. Navigate to Endpoint Security > Host Checker
  3. Under Policies, select the corresponding policy
  4. From the selected policy, select Mac tab
User-added image
  1. Under Rule Settings, select the corresponding rule
  2. Under Drive Configuration Details, select the radio button for Specific Drives
  3. In the Drive Letters field, enter MACINTOSH HD
User-added image
  1. Click Save Changes
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