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KB44132 - How to onboard your Pulse One Cloud domain

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Last Modified Date4/19/2019 7:47 PM

How to onboard and register your Pulse One Cloud domain after purchase.


Problem or Goal
Conrgatulations!  You have purchased Pulse One Cloud!

Now what?

How do I get signed in? What's the onboarding process? Do I need my license keys/auth codes?  Who creates my domain?  What is my domain?  What's my administrator account?

These are probably a few of the questions you have.

The good news is, we have automated the entire provisioning process, allowing you, the customer to onboard yourself!  This means you get to pick your domain and administrator account and it will be automatically provisioned for you assuming of course that domain has not already been created.

The two steps needed to complete onboarding are the following:

1) Create your domain on
2) Apply your Pulse One Cloud authorization code to your domain.

1) Create your domain (steps 1A-1E):
When creating a new domain, first choose which location you want your Pulse One domain to live in
EU: in the European Union 
US: for all other locations.

User-added image
You will be asked then to enter your email address.  Choose carefully, this will become your administrator account.  Also, your email domain suffix, cannot match a domain that has already been created or reserved on Pulse One Cloud.  So '' is not going to work, it has to be a unique domain name, and best practice is that it's the same domain name you will be using for your company.

User-added image
You then receive an email to the address you just registered, which when clicked on will allow you to create your domain on the Pulse One cloud.

User-added image
Here is where you choose your Pulse One Domain (POD).  It is critical that you know exactly what you want your POD to be, because once you submit this, you cannot undo it.  You will have to go through the process again to create a different POD.  Note that the POD you choose will become the base URL for all your Pulse One Cloud transactions going forward, it is advised to use the same domain as your company's website.  For example if your company's owns the web domain, we advise that you choose 'domain' as your POD so that will be your Pulse One URL.  This is not mandatory, but it is advised, as it makes naming consistent.

Once you fill out this form and submit it, there will be a few minute delay as the domain is created and the instance is spun up.

User-added image
Next you will be presented with a login page.  Login with the email you registered with and the password you created for it in step 4.
STEP 1 Create your domain COMPLETE

2) Apply your Pulse One Cloud authorization code to your domain:
User-added image
Upon successful login you will be at your Pulse One Dashboard.  By default you have a 60 day free trial of the Pulse One Cloud service.  However, if you purchased Pulse One Cloud, you should have received your RTU(Right To Use) certification documentation from your partner, reseller, or Pulse Secure salesperson which contains your list of authorization codes for your purchase.  If you do not have this, you should request it, or you can login to to see your registered authorization codes.  If you are having trouble logging into, please contact Customer Care for assistance.

In your RTU document or on, you are looking for the a line item similar to PS-PONE-CLD-EXPR-3Y and it's associated authorization code.  You enter his code in the 'Enter new license key here:' field highlighted in the above screenshot in the red rectangle and click 'Activate'.  It will take a few seconds to process the activation.  Once completed you are fully onboarded and ready to use Pulse One Cloud!

For Pulse One Cloud administrative, operational and getting started documentation, navigate to

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