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KB44265 - What is the maximum number of MAC Addresses entries for a custom Host Checker rule?

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Last Modified Date9/25/2019 6:55 AM
This article provides information about the maximum number of MAC addresses entries that can be configured as a custom Host Checker rule.
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Updated: September 24, 2019

There is no limit to number of MAC address entries for Host Checker.

Based on our internal testing, Pulse Secure recommends keeping the total number of MAC addresses under 500 entries. After exceeding 500 entries, this may impact performance when evaluating and enforcing host checker policies.

Wildcards are supported for the MAC address rules.

For example, the following entry could be used to support a larger range (00:0e:1b:*:*:*), but the wildcard cannot use to represent a single character (00:0e:1b:04:40:*9).
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