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KB44295 - AWS Pulse Connect Secure (PCS) instance fails to boot when special characters are used in the password.

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Last Modified Date10/28/2019 7:57 PM
This article provides details about the failure of AWS PCS instance when special characters are used in the password.
Problem or Goal
AWS PCS instance fails to boot with the below error under PCS boot log: 
userDataFile=/tmp/ive-userData outFile=/tmp/ive.ovfEnv
Error: Unable to convert XML file
Initial Config 0

Note: PCS boot log can be located by right clicking on the affected instance > Instance Settings > Get System Log
This issue happens when the PCS config contains any of the below special charecters:

< (less-than)
> (greater-than)
& (ampersand)
 ' (apostrophe or single quote)
" (double-quote)  
Please avoid using any of the above mentioned special characters in PCS config. 
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