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KB44305 - Support for Windows 10 1909 Version

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Last Modified Date11/12/2019 2:57 PM
This article provides compatibility details of Windows 10 1909 version.
Problem or Goal
  1. When will Pulse Secure add Windows 10 1909 to its list of supported OS?Yes.
    • Pulse Secure is expected to qualify Windows 10 1909 with the 9.1R4 release tentative to be released around 15th January 2020.
  2. Where can I get more updates about Pulse Secure’s qualification of Windows 10 1909 updates?
    • This article will be updated frequently with more content related to qualification updates, links to other articles, any major issues that we find, supported release version details, etc. The updates will continue until Pulse Secure adds Windows 10 1909 to its supported list of client operating system. Please subscribe to this article to receive email notifications about any significant updates.
  3. Can customers try PDC on Windows 10 1909?
    • Yes. Pulse Secure encourages customers to try the Windows 10 1909 with the latest PDC clients of 9.0 and 9.1 and raise any issues.Testing is going on with 9.1R3.1 client and win 10 1909 preview release and we will update any issues found in testing. We encourage customer's to try 9.1R3.1 which is available for download on our support website.
  4. What if I find an issue. Will Pulse Secure support assist?
    • Yes, during the qualification process we will continue to assist and update on any issues found and their status.
Note:  Software downloads are only available to Pulse Secure administrators with a valid service contract.  End users should contact their Pulse Secure administrator or IT Help Desk to obtain the latest software.
Pulse secure Desktop Client plans to qualify Windows 10 1909 in 9.1R4 PDC and it is compatible with PDC 9.1R3.1 which is available for download on our support site. Please refer SPG for 9.1R3.1 PDC table 4
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