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KB44326 - External beta release of Pulse Client for Android 7.2.5 build (r517953.21)

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Last Modified Date12/5/2019 10:10 AM
This article provides information about external beta release of Pulse Client for Android 7.2.5 build (r517953.21)
Problem or Goal
1. When does Pulse Secure plan to release the 7.2.5 Pulse client for Android ?
  • Pulse Secure plans to release the 7.2.5 Pulse client for Android around 3rd week of Dec 2019.
2. How do you apply for beta program ?
  • The beta community is an exclusive community which gets to see all the new Secure Access innovation early, and more importantly, gets to validate the upcoming release in your deployments, and provide early feedback to Pulse Secure, on any ways we can improve the experience for you and your user base.
Interested users and Organizations can register for beta program for Pulse Secure Android Client by sending a mail to with :

Gmail ID
Organization Name

3. What if I find an issue. Will Pulse Secure support assist ?
  • Yes, during beta testing, if any issue is found, you can send a mail to with details of the  issue like a video or screenshots and Pulse client logs.

4. When does pulse Secure plan to release the external beta for 7.2.5 ?
  • Pulse Secure plans to release the external beta during week of 9th Dec 2019
Bug fixes :
  • PCert Auth is failing with 7.2.4 Pulse client for android when selecting option "certificate on file".
  • VOD not working for Vertec Application on Android devices.
  • Android Pie (9.0) VPN Padlock icon does not appear with Android Enterprise configuration.
  • Android P losing connectivity after doze using 6.8.0 and 7.1.1 clients for Galaxy S8 and S9.
  • Android10: After upgrading the Samsung lunchbox and Google Pixel device from Android 9 to 10, Settings App crashes and Pulse Secure App also crashes once we launch the App.
  • Android10: Connecting VPN with cert auth is failing in Google Pixel device after OS upgrade from Android 9 to 10.
  • Knox: VPN profile is not pushed when there is no certificate installed.

Areas to test :
  • Android 9 to Android 10 upgrade cases in Pixel devices.
  • Certificate authentication.
  • Pulse Workspace (PWS) enrollment on Android 10
  • Knox use cases on Samsung Android 10 devices.
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