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KB44330 - How to Upgrade a Cluster of Virtual Traffic Manager (vTMs) Running a Version before 17.4?

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Last Modified Date9/15/2020 6:15 PM

How to upgrade a cluster of  Virtual Traffic Manager (vTMs) running a version before 17.4?

This article provides information on the steps to upgrade a cluster of Virtual Traffic Managers (vTM) running a version before 17.4.
Problem or Goal
The upgrade documentation in each of the Getting Started Guides (for all platforms) does not outline or allow the feasibility to upgrade a cluster for versions before 17.4.

Upgrading a Cluster of Traffic Managers

Note: This section is applicable to upgrades from version 17.4 and later only.
In version 17.4 a new feature of cluster wide upgrades was introduced. This feature is not available in previous versions.

Generally, the documentation is version specific and is aimed at upgrading from that version to future versions, so for full details, refer to the Getting Started Guide of the platform of the version you are upgrading from, at

Upgrading a Cluster From One Revision to Another
For version 17.2, for a cluster, the procedure for upgrading a cluster of several Traffic Managers is the same as upgrading one. Note that when the cluster is in a mixed state (cluster members are using different software versions), Brocade strongly advises against making any configuration changes.
To upgrade a cluster, upgrade each Traffic Manager in turn. All Traffic Managers in the cluster continue to run their configured services.
Note: For further info on upgrade paths please refer
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