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KB44331 - Problem with upgrading vTM software installs running version 17.2 to newer maintenance releases e.g. 19.2r1

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Last Modified Date12/17/2019 12:18 PM
This article provides information on how to workaround a problem with upgrading vTM software installations running version 17.2 to a later maintenance release, for example 19.2r1. The problem is present in the 17.2 install, so this will apply to upgrading from 17.2 to all future maintenance releases.

This article does not apply to any of the following situations:
  • upgrading 17.2 to a non-r-release, for example 18.2 or 20.1.
  • upgrading 17.2 to a later 17.2 series maintenance release, for example 17.2r3.
  • upgrading 17.2r1 or later to any other version.
  • upgrading virtual or physical appliances from any version to any other version. 
Problem or Goal
Traffic manager software installations running traffic manager version 17.2 cannot be directly upgraded via the GUI or the $ZEUSHOME/zxtm/bin/upgrade script to a newer maintenance release such as 18.2r1 or 19.2r1, as this fails with the error message:
This upgrade package can only be used to upgrade appliances already running version 19.2. Please upgrade to version 19.2 before installing this package.
This problem is caused by a bug which was the inclusion of a version check that only applies to appliance upgrades, not software upgrades.  Attempting to upgrade an appliance from 17.2 to 19.2r1 results in the same error message and the error is correct for appliances, which cannot be upgraded from 17.2 directly to 19.2r1 (note that this requirement for appliance upgrades to go via the latest non-r-release was removed for upgrades from 18.2 and later).

Software installs have 3 upgrade methods: the GUI and the upgrade script, which are also used by appliances, and a 3rd method which is software only and hence doesn't have the issue.  This method is to unpack the .tgz package and use the ./zinstall script:

tar xf ZeusTM_192r1_Linux-x86_64.tgz
cd ZeusTM_192r1_Linux-x86_64
Upgrading zxtm-17.2 to zxtm-19.2r1...  

Many customers use this upgrade method by default, so will not encounter the problem.
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