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KB44332 - Behavioral changes for Android 10 in Pulse client 7.2.5 on Samsung devices

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Last Modified Date12/16/2019 7:27 AM
Problem or Goal
With earlier version of Knox <= Android 9 when Pulse Client receives the createconnectionImpl call it will create a VPN profile and certificate prompt will be displayed to the user then VPN will get triggered.

From Android 10,there are some changes related to background activity, In 7.2.5 we have handled this by showing a Notification to the user.

Behavior Change: When the Pulse Client receive the VPN profile it will show the notification to the user clicking on the Notification will show the Keystore access permission pop up accepting this will trigger the VPN connection

User-added image

Note: This notification will be displayed when the Pulse client loses permission to the Key Store ex., when the user has separate lock for workspace in such scenarios user will be presented with notification
Workaround: Using one-lock will be solving this issue (Setting -> Work Profile Settings -> Use One Lock (enable)
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