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KB44398 - Active/Active Cluster best practices

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Last Modified Date3/17/2020 1:46 PM
This article provides best practices on Active/Active Cluster
Problem or Goal
An active/active clustering provides high availability and load balancing when deployed with an external load balancer. An active/active cluster deployment requires an external device to distribute the load among the members because the cluster does not have a VIP address. The load balancing devices are equipped with algorithms that balance the load, as well as detect whether a device is down.Active/active configuration allows increased aggregate system throughput as well as seamless fail-over, which is achieved by state synchronization between the two devices for all the configurations so that the devices are virtually identical. 

NOTE: This feature provides increased throughput and performance for peak load characteristics by sharing load; however, it does not provide increased scalability beyond the maximum license Limits

For more information, refer 9.1R4 Admin guide section Deploying an Active/Active Cluster

Node specific VPN IP pool :

We can configure Node specific IP pools as below :

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