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KB44403 - Pulse iOS Client : External release of 9.0.2 Pulse iOS beta client build 80027

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Last Modified Date3/19/2020 5:17 AM
This article provides information about the external release of Pulse iOS beta client 9.0.2 build 80027

Problem or Goal
1. When does Pulse Secure plan to release the official 9.0.2 Pulse iOS client ?
  • Pulse Secure plans to release the 9.0.2 Pulse iOS Client during week of 13th April 2020.
2. How do you apply for beta program ?
  •  Pulse Secure thanks our beta testers for Pulse Secure iOS client; an exclusive community which gets to see all the new Secure Access innovation early, and more importantly, gets to validate the upcoming release in your deployments, and provide early feedback to Pulse Secure, on any ways we can improve the experience for you and your user base.
If not registered already,interested users and Organizations can register for TestFlight beta program by sending a mail to with :

Apple ID
Organization Name

3. What if I find an issue. Will Pulse Secure support assist ?
  • Yes, during beta testing, if any issue is found, you can send a mail to with details of the  issue like a video or screenshots and Pulse client logs.
4. When does pulse Secure plan to release the external beta Client 9.0.2 build 80027 ?
  • Pulse Secure plans to release the external beta by 20th March 2020.
Key highlights of this release :
- Security Enhancement to support HTTPOnly cookie.
- General bug fixes to improve overall stability of the product.

NOTE : Beta testing closes week of 6th April 2020.

For any feedback, please reach us at
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