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KB44414 - Virtual Appliance Crash is observed in 9.1R4 OVFs.

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Last Modified Date3/29/2020 10:53 AM
This article describes an issue where Virtual Appliance Crash is observed in 9.1R4 OVFs.
Problem or Goal
Virtual Appliance Crash is observed in 9.1R4 OVFs. Upon restart, the Virtual Appliance may come back just fine or it may not.

From the information available this issue applies to :

    9.1R4 Base Virtual Appliances running 9.1R4 Software version or later.
    VMWare implementations only.

This doesn't impact :

    Hardware Appliances such as PSA-7000, PSA-5000, PSA-3000 & PSA-300.

Due to a file getting corrupted in one of the partition.
This issue is fixed in PCS 9.1R4.3 (Build 5185) and is available for download via

Note -

  • Affected customers who are on PCS 9.1R4-9.1R4.2 can do a direct software upgrade to PCS 9.1R4.3 provided they have already deployed their OVFs per Best practices outlined in Related Links. (Some crashes were seen due to the OVF misconfiguration).
  • OVF 9.1R4.3 size has changed from around 1 GB to around 3 GB because of some changes done with respect to filesystem and partitions.
  • This fix only applies to crashes associated with the "500 Internal Error" issue outlined in KB44412 - "500 Internal Error" is seen when accessing some Admin pages on PCS.
  • Pre-8.3Rx OVFs should not be used.
Workaround :Use PCS 9.1R3 OVF version.
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