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KB44434 - What is the impact of changing max session timeout while users are connected?

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Last Modified Date4/16/2020 4:18 AM
This article describes the expected behavior when max session timeout is adjusted while users are connected.
Problem or Goal
Important!  Careful consideration should be taken when modifying the max session timeout.

Max session timeout is based on the login time of the user and when the session was created.  The calculation would be the following:
current time of the device > (login time + max session timeout)

When max session timeout is modified, this would update all applicable user sessions on the device.  For example, User1 is logged for 60 mins with a max session of 70 mins. 
  1. If the max session is changed below 60 minutes, the following user session will be dropped.
  2. If the max session is changed above 60 minutes, the following user session would recalculate the new remaining time of the session.

The recommendation would be to take careful consideration when decreasing the max sessions as this would drop all user sessions that exceed the new max session timeout value.
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