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KB44443 - Information on support changes for perpetual-type licenses on virtual appliances

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Last Modified Date4/23/2020 2:42 AM
This article provides information on support changes for perpetual-type licenses on virtual appliances.

Problem or Goal
Pulse Secure Appliance (PSA) is available in multiple form-factors – physical and virtual (VMs deployed on hypervisors or on pubic cloud). Currently, we allow installing subscription or perpetual licenses on all the form-factors. This was done to support those customers who have physical appliances as well as virtual appliances to use same set of perpetual licenses for some time till they move to the subscription licensing model.
Upcoming Changes :

Going forward, we would like to restrict only subscription licenses on virtual form-factors. Applying perpetual-type licenses on virtual form-factors will not be allowed/supported. 
Timeline :

The changes will be enrolled in two phases :
  •  Phase-1: From 9.1R3 and 9.0R6 releases, there is an admin notification banner on the product console which states that perpetual licenses on virtual appliances will not be allowed from Oct’20 release onwards. This is just a notification and not actual enforcement, and this is to provide time for customers to move to subscription model.
  •  Phase-2: From Oct’20 releases (9.2, 9.1, 9.0), we will enforce the restriction of subscription licenses and prevent perpetual licenses to be installed on virtual appliances.
 Products Impacted :

•    PCS and PPS products will not allow perpetual licenses on virtual form-factor.
•    “License server” license (ACCESS-LICENSE-VLS-SVR) will not be allowed on VLS.
•    Virtual licensing server can issue perpetual licenses to physical PSA appliances but issuing perpetual licenses to virtual PSA-v appliances will fail
•    PS-LIC-VLS-SVR-1YR/ PS-LIC-VLS-SVR-3YR subscription licenses will have to procured to enable PSA-V to act as VLS

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