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KB44461 - Pulse Desktop Client 9.1RX is not routing EXCLUDE split tunnel routes outside of the tunnel properly or exclude routes are missing from the route table after tunnel connection

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Last Modified Date6/24/2020 10:38 PM
This article describes a scenario where Split-Tunnelling Network Routes are not updated on the End-Point after a Successful Pulse Desktop Client connection.
Problem or Goal
When Pulse Desktop Client is connected with DENY split tunneling policies only configured and the route table is modified after tunnel is created, end user may notice that they are unable to connect to external resources, but resources through the tunnel continue to work.

This issue is applicable only to:
  • Split tunneling polices are configured for DENY only
  • Pulse Desktop Client (Windows) 9.1R3 to 9.1R6
  • Pulse Desktop Client (Windows) 9.0R5 to 9.0R6
This issue occurs when the route table is modified after the virtual adapter (tunnel) is created.  When this occurs, the exclude routes are not properly applied causing traffic to go through the tunnel instead of the physical adapter.
To resolve this issue, upgrade to Pulse Desktop Client 9.1R7 and above.
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