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KB44465 - Licenses suddenly become inactive for virtual appliance (PSA-V)

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Last Modified Date5/7/2020 12:19 AM
This article describes an issue where licenses suddenly become inactive for virtual appliance (PSA-V).
Problem or Goal
After a certain period of time, licenses will suddenly become inactive for virtual appliances (PSA-V).  After reviewing the event logs, the following message will appear:
major - [] - Root::System()[] - 2020/05/04 XX:XX:XX - License server low-level protocol error,, 
Code = [7] :Could not connect
major - [] - Root::System()[] - 2020/05/04 XX:XX:XX - Unable to connect to license download server
critical - [] - Root::System()[] - 2020/05/04 XX:XX:XX - Unable to connect to Pulse Cloud License Server for '24' days.
critical - [] - Root::System()[] - 2020/05/04 XX:XX:XX - Disabled installed licenses on the Virtual Appliance
If the virtual appliance cannot communicate to for more than 24 days, all license will be disable or become inactive.
This issue occurs when network connectivity to is blocked or not allow from the preferred network.
To resolve this problem, perform the following steps:

To resolve the issue, please perform one of the following methods:
  1. Login to admin console
  2. Navigate to System > Configuration > Licensing > Download License
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  1. Under License download setting, confirm the Preferred Network setting.  If the interface is incorrect, adjust accordingly, then click Save Changes
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4. Enter the auth. code again, Navigate to System > Configuration > Licensing > Download License

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TroubleShooting Steps:

If the problem persists, take the following steps:
  1. From the admin console, navigate to Maintenance > Troubleshooting > Tools > Commands
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  1. From the command drop-down, select NSLookup
  2. In the Query field, enter
  3. Confirm it is able to resolve the name to  If it is not able to resolve, check the DNS server setting to ensure the device is able to resolve or try a different interface for license download settings.
  4. It is recommended to allow on firewall instead of IPs to allow PCLS communication to PCS virtual devices. is hosted in AWS cloud so the IP addresses are dynamic and keep changing.
  5. If manual host entries are created on Pulse appliance under System > Network > Hosts then ensure that IP address configured for are correct.
           Run nslookup for to get the IP addresses.
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