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KB44466 - How to generate Services Director licenses?

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Last Modified Date5/7/2020 5:33 PM
This article provide step-by-step instructions how to generate the Services Director licenses.
Problem or Goal
The first step is to generate the Services Director base license.  The second step is to generate the associated bandwidth packs.  The base license SKU will start with BR-ADC-MGMT-STDBASE-*.
  • From Services Director v2.2 onwards, Universal FLA Licenses are provided with the installed product for both CSP and Enterprise customers. These are suitable for any Traffic Manager at version 10.1 or above which has its REST API enabled.
  • If there are Traffic Managers which cannot have REST enabled, for example if the multi-site manager feature is enabled, then a legacy FLA must be generated and used instead of the Universal FLA license.  Legacy FLAs are generated by Pulse Secure (using the Rehost function), and requires the IP or hostname of the Services Director (if in a cluster, either all of them or the Service Endpoint Address), its REST port (defaults to 8100) and its public ssl certficiate on that REST port.
To generate the base license, please perform the following steps:
  1. Login to
  2. From the menu, select Software Licensing > virtual Application Delivery Controller licenses
User-added image
User-added image
  1. From the license generation menu, enter the corresponding auth code for the Services Director license
  2. Click Save Key
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