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KB44538 - How to upload the Location Database to the Pulse Secure Appliance?

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Last Modified Date7/23/2020 12:27 AM
This article outlines the detailed process to upload the Location Database to Pulse Secure appliance.
Problem or Goal
Previously, Pulse Secure Appliances had an integrated Location Database that was used for "Whitelisting Countries for Admin Login". However, going forward this integration will be removed and we will be hosting the database file separately on our download portal which will be periodically updated.

The process to upload the location database to the Pulse Secure appliances applies to :
  • Pulse One 2.0.2002 & above (Introduced in 2.0.1904.1)
  • Pulse Connect Secure 9.1R8 & above (Introduced in 9.1R5)
  • Pulse Policy Secure 9.1R8 & above (Introduced in 9.1R5)

Pulse One (On-Prem) -
Note: If "Country Whitelisting" is already configured, please follow one of the two steps before upgrading to 2.0.2002 else the admin login will fail as the Integrated Database file gets removed/deleted.
  • Via the GUI (Login as Admin : Navigate to “SETTINGS” -> “Pulse One Properties” -> Select “Whitelist” tab -> Click on “COUNTRY WHITELIST” & Reset).
  • Using the CLI command specified below, Admin can Whitelist IP address/Range of IP addresses to be able to login to Pulse One (This works as IP Whitelisting takes precedence).
p1 domain whitelist add ip <ip_address:netmask>

Follow the steps below to Download and upload the Location Database package :
  • Login to
  • Navigate to the Product in question.
  • Download the latest file of the format “ps-pulse-one-geoip-yyyymmdd-package.tar.gz” along with the SHA2 file for integrity check.
  • Login as Admin to the Pulse One appliance.
  • Navigate to “SETTINGS” -> “Pulse One Properties” -> Select “Whitelist” tab -> Click on “COUNTRY WHITELIST”.
  • Select the Database file, add the “SHA256 Hash” in the text box and click on Upload. 
Pulse Connect Secure (PCS) / Pulse Policy Secure (PPS)
  • Login to
  • Select the product in question and navigate to the "Pulse Secure Behavioral Analytics Database" section.
  • Download the latest package (Format "ps-pcs-pps-behavioral-analytics-v1.0.x.pkg").
  • Login as an admin to PCS/PPS device.
  • Navigate to System -> Behavioral Analytics.
  • Browse to the file, Click on "Upload & Navigate" & then Click on "Save Changes".

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