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KB44619 - Web Process Crashing After Upgrade to 9.1R9 while PSAM runs

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Last Modified Date11/9/2020 6:58 PM

Web Process Crashing After Upgrade to 9.1R9 while PSAM runs

This article summarizes the issue of the Web Process crashing on PCS server running 9.1R9 while PSAM connections are made based on application basis. This issue is not seen when the configuration is based on destination mode (IP/FQDN resource base).

Problem or Goal
After server upgrade to 9.1R9, several users have reported Pulse Client getting disconnected and attempting to reconnect within a time frame of 2 minutes.
After connecting to a PSAM role, configured for client applications, it is observed the web process crashes on the server. This issue only impacts customers using PSAM Client Application functionality. (For instance, all other customers using L3 /Rewriter for example are not impacted). This is because the PSAM is unable to recognize the TCP connection request if the resource is not allowed in the ACL Allow policy list. 

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Event Log
An example of an event log indicating webserver is as shown below:
Trace Info : * assertion in pcpMessage.cpp:1116, pcp::pcpMsgUdpData::pcpMsgUdpData(const uint8_t*, size_t)

Program web recently failed.


As a workaround, you can opt for any one of the below options till a code fix is released:

Option 1. Rollback the VPN server to a version lower than 9.1R9
Option 2. Disable the application mode by removing the client applications and moving it to WSAM destinations. 

Note: If opting Option 2, you can continue to use version 9.1R9.

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