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KB44650 - False Positive scan of port 5432 - what is this port used for?

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Last Modified Date12/9/2020 6:19 PM
What is port 5432 used for in PCS and is it a problem?  Some scanner may return a message "database instance is detected".
Problem or Goal
To explain what this tcp port 5432 is for and to assure customers this is a false positive.

5432 (PostgreSQL) is used for Adaptive Authentication (TCP).  Port 5432 is opened for the Postgres database used in the Behavioral Analytics feature of PCS.

While scanning, customers may raise queries on 5432 Port as this port is enabled on the internal interface. However, an attacker cannot connect to it. Only other nodes of the same PCS cluster can successfully connect to the port.  

Starting from 9.1R11, we are disabling 5432 Port by default. This port will get enable/disable based upon Behavioural Analytics configuration.
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