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KB44659 - ICE Automatic enable/disable feature working-as-designed behaviors

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Last Modified Date12/22/2020 9:57 PM
This article describes some working-as-designed behaviors of ICE automatic enable/disable feature to add to KB44594 describing this feature.
Problem or Goal
To explain working as designed behaviors of ICE automatic enable/disable feature.
Here are the working-as-designed behaviors:

1. System check happens for ICE license every 30 seconds
2. If admin has enabled ICE license, system will not disable automatically
3. If admin has disabled ICE license and on the next user check if the count is increasing system will enable the ICE license
4. Once system enables ICE license and the number of users drops below licensed number of users ICE license will be disabled by the system after 30 minutes.

If admin wants to enable ICE manually, he has to manually disable it. However, there should be no need for manual intervention needed for ICE from PCS 9.1R7 and later versions where this feature was added.
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