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KB44674 - SNMP query reports abnormal/unusual device temperature.

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Last Modified Date2/16/2021 8:43 PM
This article describes a situation where the SNMP query reports abnormal/unusual device temperature.
Problem or Goal
SNMP query sometimes reports an abnormal/unusual device temperature of 4294967295 on PCS/PPS appliances.

The file that generates the temp value gets created at the OS level every few minutes. In some cases, this file isn’t generated due to OS-level exceptions. This gives rise to a -ve SNMP return value and is sent to the SNMP clients.
Generally, SNMP clients have a built-in mechanism to check the error code along with the SNMP return value as well as to interpret the value correctly which is part of standard SNMP protocol.

This is working as designed. Please check your SNMP client and ensure that it is capable of dealing with these exceptions. 
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