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KB44677 - Supporting TrafficScript

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Last Modified Date1/20/2021 4:34 PM

This article explains what TrafficScript is and how to get support for custom written TrafficScript rules. 

Problem or Goal

What is TrafficScript?

TrafficScript is programming language built into the vTM that extends the capabilities of the vTM by inspecting, modifying and routing any type of TCP or UDP traffic. It comes with various protocols specific functions such as http.getHostHeader() and sip.getResponse() as well as generic functions such as request.get() that gives you a complete control of the data and how you want to shape the ingress/egress traffic. For more information about the TrafficScript check out the "TrafficScript Guide".

How to get support for TrafficScript?

Creating, assisting with or troubleshooting TrafficScript is generally outside of the support remit and is mostly carried out as a professional services task. However, if there's any issue with TrafficScript language itself, such as a function is not giving you the expected result as described in the documentation, in that case a member of TAC/engineering team will raise a bug and if possible, provide you with an alternative workaround.

A TrafficScript rule written by customers can range from a very simple one-liner to a complex custom-written protocol, depending on what they are trying to achieve.

TAC may be able to assist with simple Traffic Script rules, such as "redirecting http traffic to https", provided the solution has no further dependencies and the requirements are all known to the TAC in advance. But that is entirely up to the TAC engineer, the complexity of the issue and the time they have in hands, to assist with TrafficScript. However, maintaining, troubleshooting or extending the code written by TAC in entirety is the responsibility of the customer.

If a member of TAC gets involved in writing/modifying a solution using TrafficScript, but it is later revealed that the solution requires more work in order to further enhance or complete the task, the TAC member may suggest engaging processional services to proceed further.   

If you need a solution that requires writing TrafficScript or troubleshooting existing complex TrafficScript that requires understanding the underlying systems and dependencies, Pulse Professional Services team may be able to help you with that. You will need to talk to your account manager to engage Professional Services and get an estimated quote of the total hours/days required to complete the task.

There are various examples TrafficScript on the community site that can give you an idea of how to perform common tasks using TrafficScript.

HTTP redirection:

Bandwidth management:

Inspect HTTP request parameters:

Collected Tech Tips: TrafficScript examples:

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