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KB44684 - End Users receive "WAAPI_ERROR_COMPONENT_LICENSE_EXPIRED" message when running ESAP diagnostic tool on Windows and macOS.

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Last Modified Date1/25/2021 12:46 PM
This article describes an issue where "WAAPI_ERROR_COMPONENT_LICENSE_EXPIRED" message is seen upon running ESAP diagnostic tool on Windows and macOS endpoints.
Problem or Goal
ESAP diagnostic tool is run on the Windows/macOS endpoints for log collection to debug Host Checker issues.

This ESAP diagnostic tool is available for download under ESAP packages on

ESAP 3.7.2 or below diagnostic tool generates the following error,

User-added image
This is caused due to a certificate expiry.

ESAP diagnostic tool available under ESAP 3.7.3 or greater can be used to resolve this issue Irrespective of the ESAP version deployed on the PCS/PPS appliances.

Note: ESAP 3.7.3 will be released during the 25th week of Jan 2021.

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