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KB44692 - What is PS-CORE-xxC-xYR and how is it used?

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Last Modified Date1/28/2021 10:45 PM

What is PS-CORE-xxC-xYR and how is it used?

This article clarifies how this specific license SKU (PS-CORE-xxC-xYR) is used. 
Problem or Goal
The goal of this article is provide clarity on license SKU (PS-CORE-xxC-xYR) usage.
Per License Management Guide on Page 55 >

Core License Distribution from License Server for MSSP Deployments

For MSSP deployments, the Virtual Appliance was used to download licenses from Pulse Cloud Licensing Service through authentication codes. Considering high security environments where accessing cloud service is not allowed, the core license distribution feature is provided for leasing the core licenses from the license server.

The SKU in question here (PS-CORE-xxC-nYR) falls under the limited Core Licensing:

Limited Core Licensing:
In this licensing model, MSSP installs core packs on the license server that allows leasing a given number of cores to the license clients. An administrator can only lease cores and needs a separate license to lease concurrent or named users. Example: SKU PS-CORE-xxC-NYR where xx is 20, 40, 100, 250 and 500. The SKUs are stackable. VLS/HLS* can reclaim the number of cores allocated to a license client by deleting the license client entry.

The number or CORES defines the PSA-V personality of a virtual appliance such as PSA3000-V (2-cores), PSA5000-V (4 cores) and PSA7000-V (8-cores).
* VLS stands for Virtual License Server and HLS stands for Hardware License Server.
This SKU can be applied to both VLS (via Authorization Code - see and HLS (via license generation from licensing portal and license application directly in Admin UI license page - see

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