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KB44695 - Is Rewriting (L7 VPN / Core Access) supported on Mobile devices?

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Last Modified Date2/2/2021 6:50 AM
This article describes if Rewriter is supported on Mobile devices.
Problem or Goal
Layer 7 VPN, more specifically known as Rewriter/Core Access is a feature provided on Pulse Connect Secure.

We will provide the details & the extent of its supportability on Mobile devices.
Rewriting via Mobile devices is not supported/qualified.
For customers who have Bookmarks configured, please use the following workaround,
Users -> Resource Profiles -> Web -> Rewriting -> Selective Rewriting -> Created/Edit the Policy -> Select the action as “Don't rewrite content: Redirect to target web server” and save changes.

For access to intranet site, please use L3/L4 Tunnels as a workaround.
Note: PTP (Pass Through Proxy) is also not supported via Mobile devices.

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