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KB44711 - Pulse Desktop Client on Windows experiencing intermittent connection/re-connection issues after a network change due to incorrect DNS server restoration

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Last Modified Date2/17/2021 11:47 PM
This article describes an intermittent DNS restoration issue with Pulse Desktop Client for Windows due to a network change event.
Problem or Goal

Pulse Desktop Client on Windows experiences intermittent connectivity issues due to incorrect DNS server restoration when a network change event occurs.

Windows user switches from WIFI #1 to WIFI #2, or from (WIFI #1 or WIFI #2) to Mobile Hotspot, or vise versa.



When a network change occurs, a backup key of that previously connected network gets created by Windows DHCP services. Intermittently, if the network change occurs before Pulse Desktop Client can restore the physical adapter's DNS server, Windows DHCP services modifies the local DNS backup created by Pulse Desktop Client upon setting the PCS DNS server's on the physical adapter.

In order to safeguard against this in a future release, Pulse Desktop Client will delete the backup registry keys created by DHCP service before setting the PCS DNS in the adapter's interface and after DNS restoration.
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