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KB44726 - Maximum Cookie Size on vTM

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Last Modified Date2/25/2021 1:35 AM
This KB provides info on Maximum Cookie Size on vTM.

Cookie is a small item of data given to a client by a server that is stored either on the client's file system or in the browser client session. The client stores the data and provides it to the server on subsequent requests. Cookies are used to track client data such as session persistence maps.

Problem or Goal
The max cookie is size not explicitly defined. However, there is an implicit limit of sorts. Namely, when working in "HTTP" internal-protocol mode, vTM would always buffer complete set of headers, and that buffer is :

64KB for HTTP/1.x (unless changed at VS > * > Protocol Settings > Memory Limits > max_client_buffer);

256KB for HTTP/2 (unless changed at VS > * > Protocol Settings > HTTP/2-Specific Settings > http2!headers_size_limit).

Both figures is total size of all headers (including cookies).

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