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KB44795 - Known issues in PCS 9.1R11.4 Release

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Last Modified Date11/3/2021 10:16 PM
This article describes the list of known issues reported in the 9.1R11.4 PCS release.
Problem or Goal
1. Admins cannot see the details of 9.1R11.4 package uploaded into Staging Area in PCS 9.1R11.3.After the admin uploads the PCS package onto Staging Area, the details of package uploaded into Staging Area in Admin UI is not visible.

This issue is seen on all Browsers (IE, Firefox, Chrome etc,.)
a.    Directly Install/upgrade (Maintenance -> System -> Upgrade/Downgrade  -> Install Service Package -> From File) instead of staging.
b.    As this is a UI display issue, customers can still go ahead and upgrade from the staged package.
Open KB44794
2. IP address allocation fails when one resource profile that has resources based on Static IP and Radius/LDAP attributes.IP is allocated from static IP pool (that is already depleted due to issue # 3) instead of Radius/LDAP attributes even though the latter is set to be preferred.Configure connection profile for LDAP/Radius attributes/resources followed by another Connection profile for static IP Address Pool.Fixed in PCS 9.1R12 and above.
3. IP address allocation fails when one resource profile that has resources based on Static IP.Occurs when all the IPs from the Pool have been used at least once at some point in the past.

1. Enable Periodic "External User records Mgmt" (Cleanup) under Maintenance -> System -> Options.
  • Persistent User Record Limit equaling highest Concurrent users peak (Dashboard)
  • Number of user records to delete when the limit is exceeded: 10% of License limit.
Note: Users will lose their user preferences/bookmarks, preferred.

AND for most effective results,

2. Also, increase the IP Address Pool at least 50% more than the licenses set for that node.
Fixed in PCS 9.1R12 and above.
Ivanti ENG team is aware of this issue and working towards a resolution. We will keep this article updated.
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