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KB44802 - Generic error 0xc0000018 thrown by the OS while trying to launch any executable

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Last Modified Date5/17/2021 5:17 PM
During the investigation, it was observed that error 0xc0000018 was seen which is a generic error thrown by the OS when it fails to launch any executable.
Problem or Goal
This error was commonly reported when the PCS was upgraded and the executables was not loaded/upgraded properly through the browser mostly will lead to generic error.
Even after performing deep clean and all other troubleshooting the issue persist. 
The possible reason for cause of the issue is as follows:
  • Some external/untrusted DLL gets injected into the dsHostChecker process (If it is HC executables)
  • The DLLs that are required to be loaded into the process are corrupted/unavailable or the loading doesn't succeed.
The issue was suspected due to software corruption, which was resolved after customer upgraded the OS.Rebuilding the OS should have also helped in this case.
Hence it’s recommended to either upgrade or rebuild OS to address this issue
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