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KB44829 - Steps to Uninstall Browser/Pulse Client related Components via SCCM.

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Last Modified Date7/13/2022 8:40 PM
This article describes the SCCM steps to Uninstall Pulse client components affected by KB44781.
Problem or Goal
An alternate solution to remediate the issue outlined in KB44781 for managed user devices.
The SCCM Deployment document & executable are available for Download.
UninstallPulseComponents.exeMD5 - b53e304b247e41dec05bd311f68b1cae
Please read through the document in detail before deploying it,

1.    The order should be user mode and then system mode.
2.    After executing these steps the auto upgrade of (if configured) Pulse Desktop Client will not work. Please use the following workarounds as applicable.

a.    Launch Pulse Desktop Client via Browser to trigger the Pulse Desktop client auto upgrade (This is a one-time activity).
b.    Uninstall/reinstall Pulse Desktop client manually or via tools such as SCCM.

  • This UninstallPulseComponents.exe also installs PCS 9.1R11.3 "Pulse Setup Client" & "PSAL" components to facilitate backward compatibility with 9.1R7 or prior PCS connections as well.
  • This solution resolves the Pulse Desktop Client upgrade issue.
  • Tools similar to SCCM can be customized to achieve similar results.
  • UninstallPulseComponents.exe will not remove the existing Pulse Desktop Client.

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