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KB44886 - Known issues in PCS 9.1R12 Release

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Last Modified Date10/13/2021 6:11 AM
This article describes the list of known issues reported in the 9.1R12 PCS release.
Problem or Goal
Known Issue # 1 : Unable to assign NCIP from the static IP pool in PCS 9.1R12.
Conditions/SymptomsOccurs when all the IPs from the Pool have been used at least once at some point in the past.
Workaround1. Enable Periodic "External User records Mgmt" (Cleanup) under Maintenance -> System -> Options.
•    Persistent User Record Limit equaling highest Concurrent users peak (Dashboard)
•    Number of user records to delete when the limit is exceeded: 10% of License limit.
Note: Users will lose their user preferences/bookmarks, preferred.

AND for most effective results,

2. Also, increase the IP Address Pool at least 50% more than the licenses set for that node.
FixPCS 9.1R13 (Tentative for Mid-Oct, 2021).
Known issue # 2: Unable to import XML config containing the connection set having "Connect to URL of this server only" being disabled.
FixPCS 9.1R13 (Tentative for Mid-Oct, 2021)

Known issue # 3: PDF files with streams having no Length attribute create segmentation fault causing Rewrite-Server crash.
FixPCS 9.1R13 (Tentative for Mid-Oct, 2021)
Known issue # 4: Error “ip6tables: No Chain/Target/Match by that name” while importing 9.1R12 binary user config (user.cfg) into another 9.1R12 node if ipv6 is enabled.
FixPCS 9.1R13 (Tentative for Mid-Oct, 2021)
Known issue # 5: Unable to download PAC file upon upgrading to PDC 9.1R12 if the MIME-Type/Content Type is greater than 32 Characters.
ConditionThis is known to occur if the Proxy MIME-Type/Content Type is greater than 32 Characters.
WorkaroundUntil the issue is fixed, we request the Proxy MIME-Type/Content Type to be kept under 33 Characters.
FixCurrently under ENG investigation.

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