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KB44894 - How to check Multiple Logins Details for a Single User from PulseOne Analytics Page

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Last Modified Date10/13/2021 12:57 PM
This article describes the steps to review the details for a single user's login attempts from PulseOne Analytics "User Summary Report".
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    Navigate to PulseOne > Analytics > User Activities

    • You would see a consolidated users' login information with details on last login attempt and number of attempts.
    User-added image
    • To review details on all previous attempts you can search for (or) scroll down to the concerned username and click on the User's Row. This would give the details on all login attempts for that user as shown in the screenshot below:

    User-added image


    • PCS/PPS device has to be Registered to PulseOne
    • PulseOne has to be configured as a Syslog Server in PPS/PCS appliances

    Note: This Analytics option is only available on On-Premise PulseOne Appliances

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