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KB44913 - Pulse Collaboration Feature will be deprecated from PCS 9.1R15 Release

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Last Modified Date1/6/2022 7:34 AM
This article highlights the deprecation and the associated timelines of Pulse Collaboration Feature.
Problem or Goal
To improve stability and overall security posture in Pulse Secure gateways, Ivanti has decided to deprecate Pulse Collaboration. The feature will no longer be available in PCS starting with PCS Version 9.1R15

Below are the key milestones: 

•    December 2021 – End of Life Notification (EOLN)
•    December 2021 – End of Order (EOO)
•    April 2022 – End of Engineering (EOE)
•    April 2022 – End of Support (EOS)

Please contact Pulse Secure Sales and Field teams for any additional details

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KB44747 has a list of other features which will also be deprecated after 9.1R13 release.

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