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KB44943 - Protection Class concurrent connections limit setting of "max_1_connections" not working as expected for HTTP/1.x connections

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Last Modified Date12/28/2021 5:33 AM
This article discusses the issue where the Service Protection Class setting of "max_1_connections" doesn't limit the concurrent connections as expected for HTTP/1.x connections and solution for same.
Problem or Goal
The setting of "max_1_connections" limits the maximum concurrent connections each connecting IP address is allowed. If there are currently this number of connections open from a connecting IP address, then new connections from that address are rejected. In versions 19.2r3 and above and 20.1r1 and above, this setting doesn't limit the concurrent HTTP/1.x connections configured as per above setting in a SSL Decrypting Virtual Server.
The issue is caused because of a bug where max_1_connections cannot correctly cap the number of connections from a client once some HTTP/1.x connections from same client have been capped by the protection class due to above setting.
The bug has been fixed in newer upcoming release of 21.4 as well as newer upcoming r-releases of 20.1r3 and 19.2r5. If you hit this issue and would like a fix, please raise a support ticket for a Hotfix for the current supported releases.
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