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KB44966 - Cannot Login into vTM GUI (though the password is right)

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Last Modified Date1/11/2022 5:56 PM
Provided the correct password but there is no info from the GUI stating “login failed” but just prompts to enter Username / Password again. However, you can login to the SSH using the same password.
Problem or Goal
Its more likely that the Disk Space is full.
1. Connect to the vTM console directly from the VMWare or Hyper-V (i.e SSH session)

2. Check the disk util using ‘df -ah’

3. If the /logs and / partition are full, try clearing the disk space and login again

4. Ideally, this should resolve the issue, however, If this still did not resolve the issue, please open a Support case.

5. Here is a quick guide on Freeing Diskspace.
Freeing disk space on the Virtual Appliance - Pulse Secure Community
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