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KB44970 - Alternate method to upgrade Services Director VA using CLI

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Last Modified Date1/14/2022 10:03 AM
This article describes one of the methods of upgrading Services Director VA via CLI
Problem or Goal
Usually a Services Director VA upgrade needs the upgrade image to be placed on a server that is accessible via either HTTP,SCP or FTP. This article describes a scenario where an upgrade can be performed without the need of an external server. 
1) Login to and go to Software Licensing and Download > Pulse License and Download Center.

2) Go to Software Download > Pulse Secure vADC > Pulse Secure Services Director.

3) Click on Download button for latest release, follow through on instructions and click on View Details button for the file having .img extension ( choose the one pertaining to your platform, ex. ESXi or KVM ).

4) Right click on Download button and click on copy link address. Save the copied address in a text file for now. The address would look like below:*~hmac=xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

User-added image

5) Make a note of the MD5 or SHA2 signature for the image file ( optional ).

6) From your PC, run a DNS lookup ( an nslookup or dig command ) for domain "" and make a note of the IP returned.

7) Login via SSH client to Services Director on Port 22 and navigate to shell as below:

amnesiac > en
amnesiac # _shell

At this point, you would be logged into shell. You can also be prompted to enter password if logging into shell for the first time. Enter the same password used for admin.

8) Once in shell, enter below command to add host entry for domain "" as below:

[root@amnesiac ~]# echo '' >> /etc/hosts

In here, replace the above IP with IP determined in Step 6.

9) Now, cd to folder /var/opt/tms/images/ and run wget command to download the image file here with the output file name set to image.img:

[root@amnesiac ~]# cd /var/opt/tms/images/
[root@amnesiac images]# wget <the download link copied earlier in Step 4> -O image.img

10) Optionally, to verify integrity of the file downloaded, you can check that the MD5 or SHA2 signature matches the one noted in Step 5 by running below command:

[root@amnesiac images]# md5sum image.img
[root@amnesiac images]# sha256sum image.img

11) Come back to CLI mode by typing in command CLI as below and start the upgrade process:

[root@amnesiac images]# cli
amnesiac > en
amnesiac # image upgrade image.img

The image upgrade may take a long time and the session will remain unresponsive during this step. However, the Services Director itself will remain operational for instance licensing, monitoring, and so on. Once the process is complete, a message like below is displayed:

"Installed image 'image.img' on partition 2. The 'reload' command will load software version '<version details>'"

12) Complete the upgrade by restarting the node:

amnesiac # reload

In case of SD VA cluster, perform all the above steps on Active Node first and then repeat the same process on Standby Node. The upgrade process is also documented in our Services Director Advanced User Guide at . Do reach out to Support for any clarifications on the steps in KB.
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