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KB45148 - How to Determine Which Node Owns The VIP In a Active/Passive Cluster

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Last Modified Date5/17/2022 5:33 AM
This article provides instructions on how to check which node owns the VIP in an Active/Passive cluster configuration.
Problem or Goal
Help identify the Active node (meaning the node that is hosting users on the VIP) during a manual failover or node failure.
Below are 3 ways how to confirm which nodes own the VIP:

1. Under: System > Clustering > Cluster Status <Internal VIP on> and <External VIP on> will have the name of the node that owns them.
User-added image
2. Under: System > Clustering > Cluster Status hover over the green status icon for the Leader node, if the hex value is 0x1b004, then the Leader node owns the VIP, if a different value is displayed then the remaining node owns the VIP. Please note: Leader does not indicate VIP ownership.
User-added image

3. The VIP owner will have a log entry in the Event Logs as shown below (System > Log/Monitoring > Events > Logs).
User-added image
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