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KB45160 - Basic HTML5 reference architecture Guide and Setup

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Last Modified Date4/28/2022 4:30 PM
Problem or Goal

Creation of Guacomole Server: Apache Guacamole 1.3.0-42.

->Download APACHE GUACAMOLE( .OVA format ) from
->Upload the OVF on ESX server & deploy the image.
->After deployment,User will see below screen in the console.

 User-added image

->Default login details are
username : bitnami
password : bitnami
->Default Application Login @
->Connect To The Server Using SSH @
->Install XRDP server @ on Guacomole Server.
->Access the Guacomole Server from browser.

User-added image

→ Enter the login details.

→ From User page admin can create users.
User-added image
→ From connections page user can create bookmarks like RDP,SSH & TELNET.
User-added image

Installing HTTP header authentication on Guacamole server.

-> Download HTTP header authentication from
-> Unzip the file & extract guacamole-auth-header-1.2.0.jar file.
-> Copy the .jar file to GUACAMOLE_HOME/extensions.
-> In my Guacamole server, copied the file under /opt/bitnami/guacamole/extensions path.

PCS configuration:

-> Login to PCS as admin user.
-> From Resource policies -> SSO -> Headers/Cookies -> Create Policie as below.
Resources : Provide Guacamole server IP.
Header name : REMOTE_USER
Value : <USERNAME>
User-added image
User-added image

-> Login to PCS as end user.
-> Create a web bookmark with the Guacomole Server IP address.
-> Access the created web bookmark.
-> PCS will access the Guacomole Server.
-> PCS user can access the bookmarks configured on the Guacomole Server.


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→ Click on the bookmarks, remote machine will be accessed via rewriter.
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