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KB45277 - How To Configure Lock-Down Exception Rules for an Application.

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Last Modified Date6/28/2022 3:51 PM
This article provides information on configuring lockdown exceptions for always on VPN for the Netskope client to connect prior to a VPN connection.
Problem or Goal
It has been requested to enable lockdown and always-on VPN. When this is done, the Netskope client is no longer connecting properly prior to the session being established
Lockdown exceptions should be created for the Netskope applications (please check the path for your deployment; a sample path is C:\Program Files (x86)\Netskope\STAgent). This will require inbound and outbound rules.
In addition to the executables, it may be required to add the Netskope IP addresses for inbound and outbound rules as well.

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Lockdown exception rules should be configured in the following three ways under Resources for both “Inbound* and “Outbound* traffic separately.
These are created at Users>Pulse Secure Client>Connections>connectionName

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Once the connection set is created, a configuration file can be saved for deployment at Users>Pulse Secure Client>Components

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