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KB45301 - Pulse Secure Client renamed to Ivanti Secure Access Client & versioning changed from 9.1rx to 22.2R1 from the July 22 Release.

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Last Modified Date7/20/2022 1:53 PM
This article describes the changes in the naming convention, versioning, and icons of the Pulse Secure Client from the 22.2R1 (July 22) Release.
Problem or Goal
Pulse Secure Client will see the following changes from July 22 Release.
  • There will be a single client (No separate clients for FIPS and Non-FIPS).
  • Pulse Secure Client is renamed to Ivanti Secure Access Client.
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  • The version will also be changed to 22.2R1 going forward (9.1Rx numbering format will no longer be used).

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  • Complete UX rebranding and the UI upgrade is implemented.
  • An option to switch between the Classic UI and New-UI to maintain user experience.

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  • The Pulse Secure Desktop Client icon is replaced with Ivanti Secure Access Icon.
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  • The Pulse Secure Client Menubar/system Tray icon is replaced with Ivanti Secure Access Menubar/System Tray Icon (Disconnected, Connected & Suspending respectively)
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