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KB45341 - Upgrade to version 9.1R15 fails due to legacy active directory mode configuration.

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Last Modified Date8/5/2022 9:13 PM
This article describes an issue where the upgrade fails due to legacy active directory mode configuration.
Problem or Goal
While performing the firmware upgrade from any lower versions to 9.1R15 even after following the below KB articles with the below error:

User-added image
The upgrade fails while checking deprecated features through roles and Host checker policy names.
This issue occurs when the Host checker policy names or Role Names are configured with " square brackets".

  • [HC] RegistryTest
  • [ABC-USA] Security Check Failure


Remove any " [ " and or " ]" characters that are in the name of Host checker policies or Roles.

Once the upgrade is complete, if the name of the Role or Policy is critical, you can change them back. However, you may have this problem again on the next upgrade, so it would not be recommended unless we confirm it will not break the upgrade and the version that contains that change.


  • Host Checker Policy Name: "[HC] RegistryTest"
    • Change to: "HC RegistryTest"
  • Role Name: [VPN] Share Point
    • Change to: "VPN Share Point"
The Engineering team is working on the solution for this issue. We will update the KB with the Solution for this issue.
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