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KB45347 - How to change seeing "Manual override" in desktop client?

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Last Modified Date8/5/2022 3:58 AM
Problem or Goal
1. When user has disconnected the connection manually.
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2. If you remove manual override, it will auto connect always until there is manual user intervention.
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This occurs when we choose connection establishment method as “Connect automatically” which is seen under a particular connection set
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Method 1. Kindly uncheck the option "connect automatically"inorder to remove the “manual override seeing in the client” and download the latest preconfig file which is seen under components and update the user connection set to see the reflected changes.

Location : Under Admin GUI Users> Pulse Secure Client> Connections> Connection_Set_Name> Connections(Scroll to the bottom of the screen)> Choose Connection
Method 2. Open the connection set in user end system if it has to change for a single client
Location: (C:\ProgramData\Pulse Secure\ConnectionStore\connstore.dat)
 Search for “connection-policy: “
It should be seen as “automatic”, we would need to change it as “manual” and save changes.
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