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KB45362 - How to workaround ICS 9.1R16 upgrade issue related to "Archiving for Sensor Logs"

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Last Modified Date8/5/2022 2:37 PM
Steps to workaround ICS 9.1R16 upgrade issue where upgrade script detects Archiving for Sensor Logs being enabled in Archiving feature.
Problem or Goal
The goal of this article is to provide a simple workaround to the "Archiving for Sensor Log" issue for a successful ICS 9.1R16 upgrade.

Following is the error seen during upgrade:


Bug in cache.
Engineering investigated this issue and has recommended the following workaround:

Note: The upgrade process will be faster if the ICS 9.1R16 package is already uploaded to the Staging area.

1.  Check if Archiving is enabled.

Archiving Check
2. Uncheck only the Archive user access log  > Clear log after archiving
3.  Then try to upgrade and see if the error goes away.
4.  If the error persists, uncheck the archiving check boxes for all logs and configs. This is temporary and can be reinstated after the upgrade either via XML export of Archiving or manually re-checking.

     Note:  The latter is better as the system caches the last setting and just needs to check the Archiving check boxes back.

5.  Try the upgrade again, it should complete upgrading with no further errors. 

If the issue persists, please open a support case along with Binary System/User configs. 

This bug is being fixed in the ICS 9.1R17 release (Tentative for October 2022). 

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