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KB45465 - MSSQL for RADIUS Accounting Only.

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Last Modified Date9/28/2022 1:33 PM
This article describes the steps involved in adding MSSQL as RADIUS Accounting only server. 
Problem or Goal
Until 9.1R14 MSSQL can operate as an Accounting Sever in PPS/IPS only,if there was a valid 802.1x ( L2) session already available in the active users/sessions.
if there is no 802.1x session, then MSSQL cannot be used for RADIUS Accounting.
  • In 9.1R14 and earlier versions, SQL Accounting details will be fetched using the session ID and thus it was limiting PPS/IPS from using MSSQL as an Accounting only server. 
  • This has been fixed in 9.1R15 and above versions.
Steps to configure MSSQL as Accounting only server in 9.1R15.
  • Configure MSSQL as an accounting server as per the steps mentioned in the admin guide: 9.1R15 PPS/IPS AdminGuide.pdf
  • Once MSSQL is configured as an Accounting server, add the respective switch or server which will be forwarding the accounting packets to PPS/IPS as a RADIUS client.
  • Map that RADIUS client to the respective location group, sign in policy and to the realm created for RADIUS accounting only.
  • It is best advised to use a dedicated realm for accounting only, the same realm cannot be used for authentication. 
  • In the newly created realm for accounting only, select the authentication server as "none". 
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  • Select the MSSQL server as accounting server and save the changes. 
  • This configuration will help in Accounting Only in PPS/IPS with MSSQL. 
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