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KB45518 - Ivanti Secure Access iOS Client: External release of 22.3.1 Ivanti Secure Access IOS Beta Client (build: 91069)

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Last Modified Date11/11/2022 11:38 AM
Ivanti thanks our registered beta testers. Our beta testers are an exclusive community that gets to see all the new Secure Access innovations early. Their active participation is important as they get to validate the upcoming release in their deployments, and provide early feedback to Ivanti, on ways we can improve the experience for you and your user base.

This article provides information about the external release of Ivanti Secure Access iOS Beta Client 
Problem or Goal
1. When does Ivanti plan to release the 22.3.1 Ivanti Secure Access iOS Beta Client ( GA release)?

Ivanti is planning to release Ivanti Secure Access iOS Client 22.3.1 to production (App Store) during the 4th Week of Nov 2022.

2. How do you apply for beta program ?

If not registered already, interested users and organizations can register for the beta program by sending an e-mail to [email protected] using your Apple ID & Organization Name.

3. If I find an issue, will Ivanti support assist ?

Yes, during beta testing, if any issue is found, you can send an e-mail to [email protected] with a description of the issue and supporting data like a video, steps to replicate issue, screenshots and Ivanti Secure client logs.

4. When does Ivanti plan to release the external Beta Client 22.3.1 for iOS ?

Ivanti has released the iOS 22.3.1 beta client for testing  on 13th October,2022
Note:  Beta closes on 26th Oct, 2022.
 The key highlights of this release are:
•    Product Stabilisation
  •  PZT-33410  -  Actionable Insights 
                PIOS-5410 - Dark mode support
                PIOS-5406 - Voice over support
                PIOS-5408 - ICS server Admin UI control for mobile.
Customer Bug(s) fixed:
  • PRS-412525 - Ivanti mobile client::Once after upgrading the iOS mobile client to 22.2R1 proxy was not honoured while pushing the profile using Intune.
  • PRS-412811 - Inconsistencies in ISAC 22.2R1 UI for Chinese language (Traditional and Simplified)
 5.  When does Ivanti plan to release the external  "Beta 2" Client 22.3.1 for iOS ?

  Ivanti plan to release  Beta refresh as “Beta 2“ by November 11, 2022 ( iOS Build No :

     Additional highlight for "Beta 2"
  • PIOS-5698     :  Icon indicating status(disconnected) is missing for default profile in light mode .
  • PIOS-5674   :  Not able to add a VPN profile when ISAC is launched from third party App
  • PRS-412965 :  VPN connection from Pulse iOS client on 4g/5g going into reasserting state frequently on iOS 15, works fine if used in Full Tunnel mode.
Note:  Beta closes on 18th November , 2022.
22.2.1 Known Issues fixed in 22.3.1 :
  • PIOS-5397   - Secure access App crashed consistently when try to connect with VPN disabled in PCS.
  • PIOS-5340   -   On iPad , Need Extreme Long swipe for connect and Disconnect.
  • PIOS-5325   - Voice over is not supported for New UI/UX screens. 

Known Issues: No new known issues to be highlighted
For any feedback, please reach us at [email protected]        
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